Different Knife Styles

Different Knife Styles 960x550 - Different Knife Styles

While many knife cases look very similar on the surface, there is a wide range of different styles to choose from. The right one will depend on the individual needs and tastes of the person buying it. Each style can serve a specific purpose. For example, some blade types are specifically designed for kitchen use, whereas others are for woodwork.

The shape of the Blade

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It is a good idea to look at the shape of the blade carefully to determine its purpose. Common styles include a clip, tanto, sheepsfoot, recurve, drop point, and Bowie. If the person wants a knife that can be used as a multipurpose tool, then they need to pick a blade style that is not associated with a specific use.

Materials of the Case

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The materials that are used to make the case will have a direct impact on the overall aesthetic of the knife. Since the blade will be hidden, the case will dictate the primary look of the item. Popular case materials include wood, metal, plastic, leather, or canvas. It is also common for them to be made from a combination of multiple materials.

Additional Tools

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In the case of pocketknives, there might not just be a single blade inside the case. Additional tools can be included. If many are added, it will affect the style of the knife significantly, especially its width. Tools can include bottle openers, nail files, clippers, and scissors.

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